Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who wrote to their MP about this. It was evident from the points being raised that MPs had got the message about the most damaging sections of the Act.

The good news is that one of those sections, Section 15 – the Social Care amendment which removed safeguards and support for the most vulnerable mems of society – was repealed.

Also repealed was Section 24: the Biometric data clause – which means the government can no longer hold onto our testing data for six months.

Section 21 – extraordinary detention powers given to police – is staying, however. Mark Harper MP stated that ‘Police powers used to detain potentially infectious persons should be expired at the earliest possible opportunity,’ and Jon Ashworth MP said, ‘The application of Section 21 has been used for a number of prosecutions, every one of which was found to be unlawful.

Despite this, the government refused to repeal it.

Overall, MPs voted to renew the draconian Coronavirus Act for another six months, which is no surprise. (Though no one proposed the renewal period ought to be cut to three months, which would be more appropriate given the government’s “roadmap”.)

Seventy six courageous individuals voted against renewal of the Act. You can see the full details, including names of all those who voted, here: