Lawyers for Liberty is supporting Jackson Osborne Lawyers to raise funds for an urgent legal challenge to the roll-out of Covid-19 MRNA injections for children.

Doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers and parents are uniting behind this legal action to prevent the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines to under 16s. We will challenge the government’s assertion that the benefits to children outweigh the risks.

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Why legal action?

There is no long-term safety or efficacy data, begging the question: is it ethically acceptable to vaccinate children against a disease that poses almost no threat to them, when we don’t yet know if the vaccine might cause them serious, permanent harm – or worse.

Dr Ros Jones wrote an open letter on the subject to the MHRA signed by 60 doctors and scientists on 20th May 2021. The letter raised substantiated and serious safety and ethical concerns over proposals to administer a COVID-19 vaccine to children…

. . . yet the MHRA subsequently approved the use of Pfizer’s vaccine in 12 to 15 year olds.

We have no reason to suspect that they won’t subsequently approve it for use in younger children. There have already been trials in younger age groups in other countries.

Whilst the indication from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), as recently reported in the Times and on the BBC, is that they will “not” recommend rolling out the vaccine to children, experience shows that we cannot be complacent.

Can you help?

The costs involved in bringing this action against the government are substantial.

Fundraising so far has enabled legal preparatory work to start with representation from Doughty Street Chambers. We will be announcing further details of the legal action soon.

Every donation will help us stand up for children’s safety – thank you.

The government may announce the roll-out at any time. It will happen unless we challenge it in the courts.

Time is of the essence – the lives of children are at stake.

Please share this as widely as possible – friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, social media.

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