As you may be aware, Lawyers for Liberty is raising funds to support an urgent legal challenge to Covid-19 MRNA injections for under 16s.

Firstly, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and/or shared this campaign!

It seems we’ve been (perhaps?) a victim of our own success, as our payment platform – Stripe – refused to process any more donations to our account, “owing to a swift influx of payments”.

Needless to say, we immediately provided Stripe with responses to all their questions. This happened last week… yet the platform has yet to reverse their actions.

However, we wish to reassure everyone who donated before Stripe stopped our service that your donations have reached us – thank you! You helped us raise £9,013 before our previous fighting fund was disabled:

If you tried to donate after this, be assured that Stripe did not take any payment from you.

We have now signed up with another (let us hope better) payment platform. So if you were unable to donate before, please do try again:

We will NOT give up fighting for our children, no matter what obstacles are placed in our way.

Can you help?

If you have already donated, or not are able to donate at present, then please help spread the word!

Please share this link as widely as possible – friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, social media:

Fundraising so far has enabled legal preparatory work to start with representation from Doughty Street Chambers. We will be announcing further details of the legal action soon.

The government may announce the roll-out at any time. It will happen unless we challenge it in the courts.

Will you help us stand up for the rights of future generations?

The costs involved in bringing this action against the government are substantial.

But every donation will help us stand up for children’s safety.

It’s time for us to stand up for our children. We owe them a great debt for their sacrifices and we cannot allow them to be exploited further.

Stop jabbing the kids.
Please donate and share.