UPDATE for anyone who signed the petition Do Not Roll Out Covid-19 Passports

This week, the Government gave its official response to the petition – a response which threatens yet more harm to human rights and civil liberties.

On 5th July, Sajid Javid told the House of Commons that the Government has determined there is “a public health benefit to covid-status certification,” but that “the burden of implementing such a system, to businesses and individuals not yet fully vaccinated, would be disproportionate to that benefit at this stage of the pandemic.”

However, he also stated that individual organisations may make a discretionary choice to require covid-status certification (for example, via the NHS app) to “help keep their premises safe”, although “essential services” should not do this.

Furthermore, the Government will keep the option of routine covid-status certification “under review“, as “certification could provide a means of keeping businesses open if the country is facing a difficult situation in autumn or winter.”

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Photo by Olya Kobruseva