In Brief:

What’s happening?

  • The Coronavirus Act 2020 was passed on 26th March 2020 and is reviewed every 6 months. Its second review is due this week.
  • We know that, sadly, most MPs will continue to support it, but we can insist that the two most concerning sections are repealed. These are:
    • Section 15 – has resulted in vulnerable people being left without care.
    • Section 51 – has given police powers which have been used mainly to arrest innocent people.


What can I do?

  • Email your MP.
  • Try to get as many people involved as you can. Share this information as widely as possible.

How can Lawyers for Liberty help?

Section 15: Vulnerable people being left without care

Section 15, Schedule 12 absolved Local Authorities of their duty to assess vulnerable adults, children and young persons for their care and support needs. And also, where applicable, the carer’s care and support needs.

This has led to many vulnerable people not getting the health assistance (both medical and financial) they need. This perhaps made sense in the first few weeks of the restrictions; however, it is now over a YEAR which is far too long. It is having grave and irreparable effects on our vulnerable.

Section 51: Police given extraordinary powers of detention

Section 51, Schedule 21 gave police, immigration officials and public health officers the power to detain ‘potentially infectious’ people.

However, these powers have primarily been used to unlawfully detain healthy and innocent people.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”), it remains the case that nearly every prosecution under Schedule 21 of the Coronavirus Act has been unlawful.

These extraordinary detention powers must be repealed.

Take Action

There is a formal review in Parliament every 6 months before the Coronavirus Act can be renewed.

The next Coronavirus Act review is Thursday 25 March.

The next few days are crucial. It’s vital to make MPs aware of the most harmful sections of the Act, and we need your help to urge them to repeal those sections.

Your voice counts, so please write to your MP. We’ve drafted a template letter you can use or adapt to express your concerns about the needless harms of this Act: