The vaccination of healthy children against Covid-19 within their schools and academies raises serious safeguarding and safety concerns. OFSTED and the HSE must respond to these immediately.

Media reports suggest that the government’s Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), Professor Whitty et al, will confirm roll out of a child vaccination programme for Covid-19 imminently.

This is despite the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) stating in their report of 3 September 2021:

The margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal programme of vaccination of otherwise healthy 12 to 15-year-old children at this time.

And further, that:

Delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine programme for children and young people is likely to be disruptive to education in the short term, particularly if school premises are used for vaccination.


Adverse reactions to vaccination… may also lead to time away from education for some individuals.

Whilst it may be politically beneficial for politicians to ignore such advice, their decisions must not put any child’s life or health at risk.

We certainly cannot ‘short-cut’ or ‘speed-up’ health and safety decisions or ignore safeguarding issues merely for ‘political preference’. Children’s safety must come first.

Politicians should not be abdicating their legal responsibilities and liabilities and putting headteachers and school staff in such an impossible position.

That is why Lawyers for Liberty has written an open letter to OFSTED and the Health and Safety Executive outlining our grave concerns about the rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations to children in schools.

We intend to forward a copy of this letter to certain teaching unions and, where possible, the Local Authority Chief Executives.

Help Spread the Word

Are you a concerned parent or teacher?
Please email or post a copy of this letter to the headteacher, governors or trustees of the school. We’ve drafted a template covering letter which you can send with it, if you like.

Please also raise the issues set out in this letter with your your local MP and local councillors or local authority directly.