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We have also drafted a template letter you can send to your MP. This can be sent with the above document as an attachment, as it gives more details of the medical, legal, discriminatory consequences of Vaccine Passports.

What’s Wrong with Vaccine Passports?

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines has led to proposals for the introduction of Vaccine Passports from both the public and private sector. This is a dangerous measure which would effectively make the vaccine mandatory by default, owing to unvaccinated individuals having restricted rights and access to certain venues, services, employment, or modes of transport and even medical treatment that constitute normal life.


  • People unable or unwilling to have Covid-19 tests or vaccines, will not be able to “prove” their health status, and thus, in practice, will have their basic freedoms restricted.
  • Vaccine/Immunity Passports risk enshrining such discrimination in law and undermine the right to health, of individuals and the population.
  • Vaccine Passports would be amenable to both corruption and implicit bias.
  • They may exacerbate the harm inflicted by Covid-19 on already vulnerable people, who may be more hesitant to seek medical care due to discriminatory access.
  • Labelling people based on their Covid-19 immunity or vaccine status would risk creating, in the words of the Information Commissioner, “a two-tier society.”1 Those who can, and those who can’t, access medical care, housing, education, public transport, cultural events, hospitality, travel and other normal elements of life in a free democracy.
  • Labelling people based on their Covid-19 immunity status may exacerbate conflict between groups of citizens with potential for violence and breakdown of society.
  • In workplaces, there is a serious risk that unvaccinated employees will be excluded from employment. If a Vaccine Passport limits the duties that workers can take on, outcomes may be devastating for their livelihoods and lead to unemployability and destitution. In effect, an “underclass“.

1 www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/covid-vaccine-passport-coronavirus-b1792752.html