In Brief:

What’s happening?

  • The government is calling for evidence against vaccine passports from members of the public.


  • The deadline to submit your evidence is Monday, 29 March.

What can I do?

How can Lawyers for Liberty help?

  • Lawyers for Liberty and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance have drafted a document of evidence-based objections to vaccine passports to help you draft your response to the government.
  • Big Brother Watch have drafted a template response you can fill in and send. (Make sure you personalise your response, especially in Question 3, with your own views about vaccine passports – and make sure you add your name.)


Covid Vaccine Passports: Government Call for Evidence

On Monday 15 March the government debated vaccine passports. This was in response to a petition against the introduction of vaccine passports – a petition which gained 290,000 signatures.

However, the government has decided its next step is to issue a Call for Evidence. This is a sort of public consultation which anyone can participate in.

The full title is: “Open Consultation. COVID Status Certification Review – Call for Evidence”, and it is vital that as many people as possible tell the government why vaccine certificates/passports are a bad idea.

To submit your evidence against vaccine passports you need to go to the link below and submit your comments.

The closing date is Monday 29 March at 11:45pm.

The next few days are crucial. It’s vital to make the government aware of the divisive, discriminatory nature of Vaccine Passports.

Your voice counts, so please send in your response. 

You don’t need to write pages, just think of some bullet points which matter to you and submit them as soon as possible.

Or, even quicker, you can use the Template Response by Big Brother Watch.

If you have links to good articles about the implications for health, freedom and privacy, or any other evidence you feel is important, you can submit those too.

Your opinion matters. It’s not necessary to have specialist knowledge. This will impact you and your family – tell them how it will affect you negatively.



Resources – Evidence against Vaccine Passports

Lawyers for Liberty and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance have drafted a document “Evidence Against Vaccine Passports” which you can use to draft your response to the government, or just send with your response as an attachment.

It contains referenced objections to vaccine passports on legal, medical and ethical grounds.